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mandrake whitsunday islands sailing itinerary
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Whitsundays Sailing Mandrake Itinerary

            Like all Whitsunday Islands sailing trip Mandrake has no set itinerary. All sailing vessels must see                    what the weather and the tides are doing before deciding on which locations to visit.

Whitehaven Beach is visited on every trip and the crew will decide on other locations in accordance to the weather and the tides on the days you are sailing.

The Whitsundays experience very large tides with big differences between high and low tide. Some locations can completely drain of water while other locations can turn into fast moving water in between tides.

Locations visited can include, Luncheon Bay (fabulous snorkeling location), Blue Pearl Bay (reknowned for it's coral and fish), Langford Spit, Langford Reef, Hayman Island, Whitsunday Island, Hook Island, Hook Passage, Nara Inlet, Maureens Cove, Maconna Inlet and of course to get to all of this you must first sail across the Whitsunday passage usually passing Daydream and South Molle Islands.

Usually when visiting Whitehaven Beach you are dropped off on the beach in Tongue Bay and you can walk up the track to the scenic lookout overlooking Hill Inlet and Whitehaven Beach to get your very own pictures of this most scenic of all beaches.

You then have time to spend on the beach checking out the pure white silica sands for yourself. Try your hand at building what looks like a snowman, but is actually a sandman the sand is that white.

Snorkeling locations have hard and soft corals and friendly fish. Elvis a giant Wrass will probably come to take a look at you and you can find yourself surrounded by hundreds of other smaller varieties of fish.

Snorkeling gear is provided on Mandrake for your enjoyment.

Each day on Mandrake will usually consist of waking up, having breakfast while you check out the sunrise over the islands, a snorkeling opportunity, some adrenaline sailing and some beach time or a bush walk before Mandrake finds a nice calm mooring location to spend the night.

Evenings are usually spend having a few sociable drinks, maybe some games inspired by the crew and checking out the billions of stars under our southern skies. Being far away from city lights you will be amazed at the stars you can see in the sky, sometimes you can spot an orbiting satellite and falling stars occur far more often in a clear sky.

The lights of the boat of an evening often attract squid which in turn attract fish that want to feed on the squid, this in turn can attract a dolphin or two to feed on the fish so make sure you pack a torch so you can see what is happening around the boat of an evening.

During the days you are likely to spot dophins riding the bow wave of Mandrake when under sail, sea turtles surfacing to take a breath of air or to mate, Sea Ospreys and Sea Eagles are usually highly visible in most locations and are always interested in the boats so might pay a visit to sit on the mast and peer at you.

Stingrays and fish are abundant and of course the ever present scavenging sea gulls are usually around all the time.

Unusual rock formations will be seen as you cruise alongside ancient landscapes carved out by the wind and rain. Massive boulders and craggy cliffs lined with hoop pine make for an interesting trip as you cruise to the next stunning location.

During the months of July, August and September the might Humpback Whales are migrating. They are believed to number around 15,000 these days and most will migrate through the waters of the Whitsundays and the Great Barrier Reef so it is likely you will see some if here during those months.

The most acrobatic and curious of all whales they can put on an awesome display of breaching, tail slapping, pec slapping and if you wave like crazy they may even come to the boat to have a look at you.

Fresh clean sea air and a fabulous sunrise will usually start your days and there can be some stunning unbelievable sunsets to finish the day. So you must bring your camera to take the memories of a lifetime.  This is one of the most photogenic regions in the world.
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